Lovingly Created With You In Mind

Archie's Allergies has met with the amazing family behind Just Love Food Company. 

Their story is inspiring to say the least, having created thousands of celebration cakes specifically for anyone suffering from allergic disease 

We 100% can verify that not only are the cakes delicious, but they're SAFE from the foods that we fear daily and to us ... that's INVALUABLE.


About Just Love Food


Jamilla, Danika and Rourke. Two of these children have nut allergies. A sufferer of asthma and eczema, aged three, Danika was taken to hospital for treatment for a severe bout of eczema. While in hospital she had some routine blood tests. Two days after leaving hospital, the doctor phoned to ask whether Mike and his wife Karen were aware that Danika had a severe nut allergy. As the children grew up, Karen & Mike saw a gap in the market for nut free celebration cakes. Until Just Love Food Company, not one shop bought birthday cake would guarantee nut free. Mike approached Sainsbury's in 2010 and we launched our first 2 products. 

The Just love food company nut free range expanded into Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons. In 2016, we decided to branch into gluten and milk free, providing a range of free from products to those same retailers. It is our vision to be the most inclusive celebration cake brand on shelf therefore we continue to develop new products, striving to remove more allergens across the range. In April 2019, we will be launching vegan celebration cakes, officially adding egg free to our catalog. 



To be the most trusted, high quality, inclusive celebration cake brand within a business that benefits our team, customers and the community.  


  • Accuracy

  • Knowledge

  • Creativity

  • Integrity

  • Community & staff development 

  • Collaboration




While birthday cakes do not normally contain nuts, the issue for most people who make birthday cakes, either at home or in a factory, is that they may make or come into contact with other products that do contain nuts

It is therefore very hard to guarantee that no nuts have ended up touching the finished product.

We know that even the smallest trace of nut contamination can have a detrimental effect, so whilst we can never make a 100% guarantee (although we try 100% of the time), we have taken every possible step to make sure they are the safest on the market and safer than making it at home.

Mike & Karen Woods - Just Love Food Company


From Archie's Allergies

When we had the pleasure of being invited to the Just Love Food Company HQ we were surprised to be met with allergy posters on the front door, along with NUT FREE posters AND steps on what to do in the event on an allergic reaction.

Because of Just Love Food's purpose they are fully aware of allergies and the effect it has on not only children but adults too. They don't just make cakes for fun, it's so their customers can celebrate with safe food and not have to worry about what they're eating at a special time.

After a lengthly meeting our hearts were filled of not only love for the family behind JLF but with inspiration for what they do for allergy sufferers. They kindly offered to make Archie a custom cake and when we went to pick it up, they had decorated a room with super hero banners and threw him a mini Just Love Food Company birthday party. Archie and I were made to feel so special, even his little sister too!

We sang happy birthday to Archie along with the lovely employees that make the cakes, we had a little cry, so did Archie and we tucked in to a VERY delicious and VERY safe birthday cake. Just the thought that goes behind the JLF Company fills our heart, this family owned, family run company CARE and that's what sets them above the rest. 

It was the first time ever, that Archie or any of us have been able to enjoy a birthday cake,  something that non-food allergy sufferers take for granted. It can be difficult enough to find everyday safe foods to eat, but with Just Love Food Company's celebrate cakes, they've made happy times, happier. Something we'll forever be grateful for. 

We 110% support and back Just Love Food Company for everything they've done and continue do for families and individuals living with allergic disease, they not only keep food allergy sufferers safe but allow other family members to celebrate with a cake and INCLUDE others with food allergies. 

Just Love Food Company are so important to Archie's Allergies and we know they have so many loyal customer's that also cannot thank them enough.