' I Have Never Felt More Scared'


Michelle's Story

Our first experience with anaphylaxis was nothing like I imagined. We had no epi on hand and it was to a food we thought was safe. I have never felt more scared or hopeless in my life. Feeling so grateful my child was ok, we made sure we knew the signs and symptoms going forward and to have our epi pens on us at all time. The second time it happened we were more prepared. While it was still very scary and and traumatic to go through, when I saw first hand how fast the epinephrine helped, it gave me comfort knowing there was something that I had in my possession at all time that would work. 

As we are learning how to navigate this new world, I don’t want our family to live in fear and isolation. It took a lot of soul searching but now I realize it doesn’t matter why, but what matters is how I choose to move forward with this diagnosis. I want my children to grow up with the right tools to handle whatever comes their way. We saw multiple allergists until we found one that is the right fit for our family.  I met a group of moms who also have kids with food allergies and it has helped tremendously knowing they support me and understand what I am going through. I know I can’t control the environment but I know I can control my response and I want to model the right behavior for my kids.

Every day I think of all the things I am grateful for and it has helped the emotional and mental burden I carry.  While food allergies does affects our quality of life, it doesn’t have to be an end all. Food allergy kids are resilient and so are their parents. 

Michelle Luu

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