It's important to encourage our children from a young age about owning their allergies. Our children face a difficult medicial condition that so many people do not understand. Archie's Allergies are constantly trying to find new ways on how we can empower our children to feel good about themselves despite the danger that food allergies pose to them on a daily basis. 


Our Allergy Hero Capes are a fantastic novelty to help children feel more in control and positive about their allergies. We also have Safe Snacker capes for anyone else that needs to know how important their job is eating safe snacks and looking after their sibling or friend with allergies! 


Each box includes: 1x Cape & mask of your choice.

                                       'ALLERGY HERO' or 'SAFE SNACKER' glitter alphabet letters

                                       Selection of coloured stars 

                                       1x Allergy badge 


They will arrive un-decorated, we're encouraging the children to apply the stickers and decorate their capes with any craft supplies they also may have at home to make their capes even more special to them. 

Allergy Hero Capes