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Archie’s Allergies wants to keep every child (or adult) with allergies safe where ever they go! We’ve designed these eye catching stickers for children with fatal food allergies. You no longer need to be worried about reminding anyone about your Childs allergy because the Archie’s Allergies Allergy Aware Stickers do that for you.

We want everyone to be allergy aware.


Our cute stickers are perfect for reassuring young children (and adults) that they are keeping themselves safe by wearing our stickers. These also alert anyone to the allergies in case your child (or yourself) were to go into anaphylactic shock.  It’s so important when you aren’t in your family environment and especially when eating with others that they are aware of the foods that can potentially cause this life threatening reaction. Our mission is to keep children safe and if we can help just one person become allergy aware then we’ve done our job.


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Did you know that every sale made from any of our allergy aware products goes directly back into Archie’s Allergies. This helps us to support and educate more schools, community groups, businesses and restaurants on a wider scale on becoming allergy aware. We cannot thank you enough for your support. #archiesallergies #allergyaware 



Waterproof vinyl gloss stickers which are permanent so they won’t be coming off anytime soon.


You can enjoy our allergy aware stickers on clothing, lunch boxes, hats, notebooks, laptops and anywhere else you can stick it – Don’t forget to tag us in your pics either! @archiesallergies


Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.